Why pocketKPI?

Simple, flexible and cost effective.

A simple problem...

You’ve been asked to help employees view KPIs on their iOS devices, but the budget is modest and you don’t have the resources to develop and support a custom iOS app.

Swapping your existing systems for expensive alternatives with proprietary apps isn’t realistic: you’ve already got the data – you just need the app.

The app needs to be attractive and intuitive for employees, but flexible enough to display all your KPIs and work with the systems you already own.

…a simple solution.

Other products promising to push KPIs to your iOS device rely on selling you a whole lot of infrastructure around the app. They want you to buy a “connector” that will connect the app to some backend database or they may even want you to use their proprietary database or service to store your KPIs.

pocketKPI displays all your KPIs, using data from your existing systems via a web hosted JSON file or web service that returns JSON. You are in total control of what you display and where your data lives.

Best of all, you only pay once for the app and can forget about any on going fees or service charges. You host your data and determine how often it is pushed to your people.

Need help pitching to your organisation?

It can be hard pushing new products and ideas through organisations, so we made a generic presentation designed to help you present the business justification for pocketKPI to various stakeholders you may need to influence.
The presentation will help you:

- Explain the need for company KPIs to be delivered toemployees/customers

- Get buy-in for the concept from different stakeholders(eg. Management, IT, Finance, etc.)

- Position pocketKPI as a suitable product to help with this goal

- Secure the funding for implementing pocketKPI and any required system modifications

The presentation is provided as a template: you are free to modify it in any way. Depending on your audience, you may want to remove, re-order or change slides. Slides are unbranded, allowing you to add your own look-and-feel, or paste content into your own slide template.

The essential information is presented on just 10 slides. We have included additional pocketKPI marketing materials for use in a longer presentation if desired.

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